Welcome to the new site of K&O Dog Training!

We are so excited to launch our new site and welcome everyone reading this into the K&O Dog Training Pack!

K&O Dog Training | Temescal Valley CA | Dog Trainer

K&O Dog Training is looking forward to serving our community here in Temescal Valley, CA plus the surrounding areas! We are happy to say that we have grown at a faster rate than we could have ever imagined! We even have a few pack members who have joined our team from as far out as Los Angeles, Orange County, and even San Diego, CA! How cool is that?! We are so excited to continue to grow our pack!

Our goal at K&O Dog Training is about so much more than just teaching you how to train your dog. We want to show you how to also bond with your pup and grow that relationship into something special!

K&O Dog Training

What we offer…

Obedience Training

Socialization + Desensitizing Work

1-1 Puppy Training

Group Trainings

Pack Walks (Join our email list to be notified of upcoming pack walks!)

…Most importantly, we aim to help you better understand your dog’s breed and needs so that you can build a special bond + relationship with your pup(s)!

If you’d like to start training with us, contact us HERE!

Let’s get started on teaching you not only to train your dog, but to bond with them too!