Are you ready to better understand & communicate with your dog? K&O Dog Training believes in *teaching YOU* how to train & bond with your dog!

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It's not just about obedience training but a bond between you and your dog.


kenai + odin

We are a family + veteran owned and operated business in the Temescal Valley, CA area who's lives were forever changed because of a very special dog, Kenai. In February of 2021, we lost our girl and we knew that her legacy and what she not only taught us but what she taught others had to be shared. Learning how to communicate + having a fulfilling relationship with your dog is what it's all about! 

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We're so excited that you have chosen to train with us. We believe in not only teaching YOU how to better handle and train your dog, but how to build a better bond with them. Learning how to communicate with your dog vs. always feeling frustrated. K&O Dog Training is about much more than just teaching you a few obedience commands... let's get started! 

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